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Yakitori Izakaya “TORIKIZOKU” has been adding more branches with Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya as its main locations. It is a very popular Yakitori pub that has been expanding its business in the Kansai, Kanto, and Tokai regions.Presently, there are over 380 branches nationwide.The reason for its popularity lies in the uniform low price of 280 yen (tax not included) per item. While paying the uniform price per item, customers can enjoy high value merchandise, service, and space. At TORIKIZOKU, we only use domestic chicken in order to serve the most delicious tasting Yakitori.

Torikizoku – The Hottest Yakitori Bar

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Are you yakitori lover? Here we go! As you know, yakitori is a popular food both in and outside of Japan. I will introduce you “Torikizoku” which is the most popular yakitori bar among young Japanese people.

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It’s only 280 Japanese yen (tax excluded) per item even though they use only fresh chicken from Japan. Drinks as well including alcohol. It has been spreading more branches all over Japan as over 380 branches nationwide.

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Torikizoku might be more friendly and comfortable relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy eating for you rather than usual yakitori bar. A brief background of Torikizoku: yakitori bar chain from Osaka, 1st outlet opened in 1985, its name kizoku means noble and their motto is treating their customers as nobles.

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They are particular about the domestic ingredients and freshness. Amazingly, their 98% of the ingredients are from Japan. Every day, they skewer fresh chicken meat one by one and dip in their homemade sauce prepared by slowly cooking vegetables and fruits according to their secret recipe.

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Their menu has a great variety to choose from, and they offer a range of yakitori, salads, teppan yaki, don (rice bowls), ramen and desserts.


No.1 Momo

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Chicken thigh sliced into bite-sized pieces with leek is one of the most popular and classic basic type for yakitori. When in doubt, order this momo! Momo has options of their homemade sauce, salt, and spice and herbs.

No.2 Mune

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Chicken breast is also must order item with their homemade sauce. Mune has options of their homemade sauce, salt, and spice and herbs.

No.3 Cheese tsukune

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Tsukune is especially popular with women. Chicken and pork meatballs covered with cheese on a stick is moist, savoury juicy and melts-in-your-mouth.

Other popular menus

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This is must-order item Kamameshi which is also only 280 yen. It will be served and cooked in front of you. Here allows you to cook your mix rice with chicken stock soup in iron bowls with chicken and some other vegetables. You should not miss out okoge (scorched rice) around the rim of the bowls.

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You can get a refill of cabbage and spicy cucumber pickles for free as many times as you want.

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Can you believe that the entire item is only 280yen? Not only delicious taste but also the reasonable price might satisfy your belly and be surprised at the cashiers.