4 Things You Should Try to Eat at Japanese Convenience Stores| Japan Guide

Even though you can find convenience stores in the world, the products differ in each countries. This article introduce some products available in Japan.
When I travel in foreign countries alone I am not only excited but also uneasy. But, if I found stores which I have seen in my home country, I feel relieved. I believe there are two stores that you are familiar with in your home countries and that are available in almost all countries; McDonald and Seven Eleven. If the local foods are not fit to your taste preference, you can go to McDonald and can order a Big Mac. As far as I know, we can eat it because there is little difference of the taste among countries. However, even though the external appearance of stores of Seven Eleven in the visiting country is the almost the same, products sold in the store are unique among counties. Therefore, there are products which are available only in Japan but not in your home country. In the following paragraphs I would like to introduce some of them.



These are other things I would like you to try to eat at the convenience store. You can discover Japanese lunch boxs, Japanese original snacks, and Oden, stewed ingredients seasoned with soy sauce or miso. You will find out a lot of food products you have never seen. If you are interested in, please taste it. Eating is one of the important parts of traveling. Even though the taste is not good for you, the taste can be your impressive memory of traveling Japan.



When I travel in any foreign counties, especially in the cold day I am disappointed that there is not hot canned or bottled drink. In any countries I have visited, I could find our just cold canned or bottled drinks. Well, it is possible that you can buy a cup of hot coffee at the convenience store in your home county, but you can enjoy not only canned coffee, but also canned milk tea and conned green tea in Japan. If you visit Japan in winter, this kind of drink will help you walking around. Of course, hot bottled drink can play a role in heating pack which keep you warm.



Japanese has learned a lot of things from China. And a way of cooking is one of them. As you can see in Japan, a lot of Chinese cuisine restaurants are available in Japan. Some may think Ramen and Dimpling are Japanese cuisine. A steamed bun called Nikuman is also a one of dishes that was Japanized. And a variety of Nikuman is available in the convenience stores. Of course, there are traditional Nikuman, such as, pork steamed bun and sweeten beans steamed bun. These are called Buta-man and An-man, respectively. (Man means “bun” in Japanese.) Japanese original ones are Curry-man and Pizza-man. As you may notice, curry and pizza are put into the bun.



By watching Japanese drama, anime, or manga, most people may know what a Onigiri (Rice Ball) is. Basically, it is spherical or triangular shaped chunk of rice wrapped with roasted seaweed. Inside of the chunk, there can be a variety of ingredient so that you can see various Onigiri in the convenience store. If you are a little timid and do not like to eat things you have never eaten, you can choose a Tuna Onigiri which is popular among the young. Canned tuna seasoned with mayonnaise is in the rice chunk. However, if you are brave enough to eat, I would like you to try another one; Umeboshi Onigiri. Umeboshi is a pickled plum which has been traditionally loved among Japanese people. The taste is “quite” salty but Umeboshi goes with rice, and has been put in the rice ball. Without eating an Umeboshi Onigiri, you can’t say you eat a “genuine” rice ball.