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In Tokyo, there are many traditional Japanese gardens. The Rikugien Garden 六義園 is one of those, that was originally the land given to Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu of the Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, around the early 18th century.

Rikugien is also known as a garden that the poet, that Yanagawa Yoshiyasu came and created the 88 scenes described in Waka, a classic Japanese poem. In the Manyoshu or Kokinwakashu collection of poems, and in many travel guide books, they introduce this garden.

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However, I think Rikugien Garden is more known for a very huge weeping cherry tree, that people admire. In fact, I didn’t know of the historic aspects of this garden, although I know of a great cherry tree in the park. As you approach the entrance gate, you will see a huge tree. This is the famous ‘weeping’ cherry tree. In Spring, it blooms with beautiful cherry blossoms. At night, the tree is lit with gorgeous lighting and looks fantastic.

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The Great Weeping Cherry Tree of Rikugien Garden.
Just imagine how beautiful the tree will be in the Spring, or in Autumn colours.
Don’t be disappointed if you cannot see the tree in the spring, but any trip to Tokyo should include a springtime visit to view all the wonderful cherry tree blossoms throughout the city. And, if you are travelling to Tokyo in the autumn, you have a chance to see a beautiful Fall scene in Rikugien Garden.

From late Nov. to early Dec, there’s a light display in Rikugien Garden, where you can see colourful leaves of 550 trees shining in the lights. And the leaves of the great weeping cherry tree will also be lit up too, of course.

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Reference: flickr

Rikugien Garden

The location of Rikugien Garden
A 1 min. walk from the JR Komagome Station (on the Yamanote Line) or from the Komagome Subway Station (Nanboku Subway Line).
Note. During the light display period, the Somei-gate is open, the closest entrance gate from the Komagome station. Usually, you have to go to the regular entrance gate, that is about a 7 min. walk.

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