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Waterfalls cascading from precipitous cliffs. A village of myths, known for Yokagura, traditional sacred music, and dancing.

Takachiho is located in the northwestern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, in the center of the Kyushu Mountains. The town is on the border between Oita and Kumamoto prefectures, through which the Gokase River flows.

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The Takachiho Gorge is a V-shaped gorge, created by the Gokase River, which eroded the Aso lava. Red-tinted precipitous cliffs rising up on both sides of the gorge extend for a long distance. Manai Falls, 17 meters high, is a popular highlight because of the clouds of spray that rise up from the falling water. The gorge has a 600-meter long walking trail, which is decorated with mountain cherry blossoms and the flowers of Japanese azaleas and wisteria from spring till early summer, and red and yellow leaves in fall. Thus, you can enjoy fine views of the four seasons.

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Takachiho is associated with the myths and legends of the founding of the nation. There are many interesting sightseeing spots connected to the myths dotted here and there, including Takachiho Shrine, Kunimigaoka, and Amanoiwato Shrine. At Takachiho Shrine in the evening, you can enjoy the Yokagura Dance, which has been handed down from generation to generation in this district. Kagura is traditional sacred music and dancing dedicated to the gods. The towering Chichibu cedars, estimated to be 800 years old, are splendid. The top of Kunimigaoka commands an excellent view of Takachiho Town and the mountains surrounding it.

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Mitai Oshoi, Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki, Miyazaki

From Tokyo :
Air → 1h 45 min from Haneda to Miyazaki Airport, and 10 min from the airport to Miyazaki Station by JR Miyazaki Airport Line.
Rail → 4h 35 min from Tokyo to Kokura Station by JR Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Line, and 3h 40 min from Kokura to Nobeoka Station by JR Nippo Line (limited express).
From Osaka :
Air → 1h 5 min from Itami or Kansai International Airport to Miyazaki Airport.
Rail → 2h 20 min from Shin-Osaka to Miyazaki Station by Shinkansen.
From Miyazaki :
Rail → Take JR Train from Miyazaki Airport to Nabeoka Sta. (70 min)
Change to Miyako bus at Nabeoka Bus Center just next to the station.
From Fukuoka :
Bus → Take express bus from Hakata Bus Center to Takachino Bus Center. (3h 30 min)

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