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Ashikaga Flower Park is full of stunning views and famous for its amazing wisteria. If you come to Japan, this wisteria garden is an absolute “must see” spot.

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Let’s start with the why. Why should you come to Ashikaga flower park? That is easy to answer. First is Ashikaga flower park’s rich history. Second is Ashikaga flower park’s 8 distinct viewing seasons. Lastly, is its world famous great wisteria.

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Why is their history so rich?

It first opened as “Hayakawa Noen (Plantation)” in the mid 60s in Tochigi prefecture. But as the city developed following the Japanese economic crush, the park had to relocate. This meant transplanting every single tree from young saplings to great wisteria. This was the first successful transplantation in Japan done by Konami Tsukamoto on a 130 year old great wisteria. But she did not do it alone, she had the help of 2000 people. After transplanting to a new location, it took 3 years to reopen the park. It really is a miracle that we can still enjoy these tress today.


What is the big deal about 8 distinct viewing seasons?

Each season brings a new face to the park. The colors change, the atmosphere changes, and you can really feel the difference in seasons. It is not just about the leaves changing or flower changing. Ashikaga flower park has seasonal illuminations and events. Even in the dead of winter, when you think all flowers are dead, Ashikaga flower park shows you another beautiful face of the park. So no matter when you come or how often you go, chances are there will be something new for you to enjoy.

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Why is the great wisteria so special?

The great wisteria is the symbol of Ashikaga flower park. It survived a transplantation at a 130 years old and is now over a 150 years old. This tree is so massive that branches have to be supported by steel poles. Also there is a 80 meter long tunnel made out of white wisteria. It is not only meant to be viewed under the day light, even at night all the flowers and trees are lit up. This offers a completely new view of the park. Wisterias bloom from mid April to mid May, and during that month you can enjoy 4 distinct color changes.

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We can tell you how great this park is forever, but this is really something that you have to experience first hand. It is a beauty that cannot be rivaled on this earth.

Ashikaga Flower Park

Address : 607 Hasamacho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 329-4216

Access : From Takasaki station, use the JR Ryomo line to Tomita Station. The park is a 13 min walk from Tomita station

Opening Hour : 7:00am ~ 5:00pm / 5:30pm ~ 9:00pm

Fees : Depending on when you visit. Please check their website

Phone : +81 (0)284-91-4939

Website : Ashikaga Flower Park