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Kyoto is the must-visit destination when you travel Japan. In this article I would like to introduce the reasons why Kyoto is your destination to experience real Japanese life style.

Kyoto is one of the representing Japanese destinations and people visit Kyoto with various reasons. For example, some people visit Kyoto to see Japanese temples, some people to meet Maiko and so on. In this article I would like to introduce you different aspects of why you must visit Kyoto.


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Omotenashi is a traditional Japanese way of hospitality. In Japanese-style inn called “Ryokan”, you spent your time at a Tatami room and eat Japanese traditional breakfast called “Washoku”, which is the world heritage.

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You can explain Japanese simple life style there and owner would treat you like a family with a great hospitality. Once you stay at Ryokan, you will be surprised at delicious food using seasonal ingredients and a yard you can see from windows and you must think that you want to come back again.


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Kyoto is very known as the historical city represented in Japan and many tourists from all over the world visit to see and feel the atmosphere of Kyoto. But there are also modern buildings harmonized with historical places or cityscape, and modern culture developed from the traditional culture.

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Talking about modern buildings, JR Kyoto Station, which is one of the gates to Kyoto city, is often described as Japanese modern architecture using geometrical techniques. In the station building, you can see the huge stairs where sometimes events are held.

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The Kyoto tower in front of the Kyoto station is now playing the important role as the land mark of Kyoto. From every high places such as Kiyomizudera temple you can see where is the center of Kyoto.

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As regard to Japanese tea culture, green tea was mostly used for drink known as Matcha before.

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However, Matcha is used for any kinds of sweets such as pancake parfait and so on nowadays. You can taste Matcha in different ways. Also some cafes are trying to adapt the Japanese tea culture to modern life as you can seen in the cafe “Iemon Salon”.
Personally, Kyoto is very nice place to enjoy historical places such as temple and the modern culture came from the tradition at the same time.


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In Spring, Kyoto is very famous for cherry blossoms and every year many people visit Kyoto to see the full bloom of cherry blossoms at temples. For around a month people can enjoy different kinds of cherry blossoms.

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In Summer, the climate of Kyoto is very hot and humid because Kyoto-city is surrounded by mountains. But there are many ways to enjoy such a climate. The restaurants along Kamogawa river have outside dining space called “Noryodoko (Noryo-yuka)”. People can enjoy dinner or drink, hearing the stream of the river. The sound of the stream makes you feel cooler. Also, the biggest summer event of Kyoto is “The Gion Festival”, which is one of Japan’s three greatest festivals. The festival lasts for around 1 month and one of the events is a parade of 33 floats towed through the streets of Kyoto.

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In Autumn, the trees in Kyoto start to be yellow and red and the scenery of Kyoto will be full of autumn color. Many people from foreign countries as well as Japanese different cities visit Kyoto to see this amazing autumn. You can enjoy this autumn scenery with various ways, for example at restaurants or temples, from trains and so on.

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The winter of Kyoto is very cold and sometimes Kyoto has snow. The temples covered with snow, which you can see couple of times a year, is very elegant. Especially, Kinkakuji temple with snow is special in the point of the contrast between the gold of the temple and the white of snow.