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Where do you want to stay when you visit Kyoto? There are many attractive Japanese style inns called Ryokan. This article shows you 5 luxury ryokans in Kyoto.

There are many Ryokans (Japanese style inns) in Kyoto. There you are treated with great Japanese hospitality such as Japanese cuisine culture “Washoku”, which was registered as the world heritage. Here We introduce you 5 amazing ryokans in Kyoto.


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Yachiyo is the ryokan for Kyoto cuisine and beautiful Japanese garden. This ryokan is located in the center of Kyoto but there are Nanzenji temple in the east of the ryokan and Heian Jingu Shrine in the west. If you want to feel Japanese nostalgic atmosphere, you should stay at this ryokan

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From your room you can enjoy the sophisticated Japanese garden.

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The Japanese garden is lighted up every night and at the terrace seats called “Teiendokoseki” you can enjoy Japanese seasonal cuisine seeing the garden. You must be attracted by the beauty of the garden.


Address: 34 Nanzenji Fukuji-cho Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

Tel: +81 (0)75-771-4148

Web: Yashiyo


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Gion Hatanaka, which is located in the center of Gion, has beed designed with the theme of “a house in the mountains made in a town” so that you can feel the silence there even if you are in the city. After you walk up the rock stairs, you would experience the different atmosphere from the daily life.

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This ryokan is small but the owner treat you with Japanese hospitality; Matcha (green tea) service, bath, delicious dinner & breakfast and so on.

Gion Hatanaka

Address: 505 Gion Minamigawa Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-hi

Tel: +81 (0)75-541-5315

Web: Gion Hatanaka



Ryugin is located in the important preservation districts for groups of historic buildings near Kodaiji Temple. Ryugin is small and high quality ryokan where you can feel the atmosphere and hospitality of Kyoto.



There are two kinds of rooms; Royal sweet room and Sweet room. Max 4 people can stay in the royal sweet room. From the window of the sweet room, you can see the private Japanese garden. At the restaurant of ryokan, you can have modern-developed Washoku.


Address: 463-12 Shimokawaracho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi

Tel: +81 (0)75-748-1840

Web: Ryugin


Reference:Hoshinoya Kyoto

First, you get on a boat at the Hoshinoya Kyoto Boat Landing near Togetsu-kyo bridge to access Hoshinoya Kyoto. It takes you to the different world apart from your daily life. There are some hotels run by Hoshinoya group, but personally this is the most interesting ryokan among them.

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There are five different kinds of Japanese style rooms and from all the rooms you can enjoy the river view. You will be treated with the first quality of hospitality there. The restaurant with Michelin star offers you the creative Kyoto cuisine called “Kyoto Kaiseki”.

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You can also join the seasonal events. In spring when cherry blossoms start to bloom, the tea ceremony is held in the garden of Hoshinoya resort.

Hoshinoya Kyoto

Address:11-2 Genrokuzan-cho Arashiyama Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
*Access by a hotel boat from Togestu-kyo bridge

Tel: +81 (0)50-3786-0066

Web: Hoshinoya Kyoto


Reference:Kizashi the suite

Kizashi The Suite is located in the center of Kyoto. The modern and sophisticated furniture and space welcome you.

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There are totally 8 rooms in this ryokan and they are all suite rooms with the private bathtub. Each room has a different interior design. Would you choose your favorite Japanese style room?

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At the dinner you can taste very delicious seasonal Kyoto cuisine using fresh ingredients from Kyoto.

Kizashi The Suite

Address: 275 Gion-machikitagawa Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi

Tel: +81 (0)75-551-9600

Web: Kizashi The Suite