4 Ninja Spots to Master Ninjyutsu and Experience their Life in Japan | Japan Guide

Who wants to be a Ninja in Japan? There are some Ninja spots to experience their secret of life and wear ninja costumes. You should master Ninjyutsu in Japan!



Though it’s not completely ninja-themed, this place still offers you a lot ninja experiences. They offer ninja theaters and ninja lesson for adults.

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It is also a great place to step into the world and culture of Edo, the pinnacle era of the shogun and samurai. In addtion, it is quite closer from Tokyo compared to other places. You can dress as anyone you’d like in the world of Edo, enjoy Edo theaters, and be immersed in the Edo culture.

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Let’s get started with some ninja training. you can master 5 ninjyutsu such as shuriken throwing and wall claiming.

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Also, don’t miss out on Ninja theaters. There are two ninja-themed theaters where you get to witness the dynamic fighting style of ninja. There are also a ninja yashiki maze and ninja house.

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There many other activities and shows such as Oiran dochu in the picture. It will surely keep you busy all day.

What can I see/do here?
Edo clothing rental, Ninja class, theaters, shows, sword master’s house, temple. Edo game experience, etc.

Address: 470-2 Karakura Nikko, Tochigi

Hours: 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
*may differ also closed on Wednesday

Fees: SdAlt 4,700 yen ~ Children 2,400 ~

Tel: +81 288-77-1777

Website:Edo Wonderland


This is a place that will bring out the child in you. Togakushi Ninpo museum is a place for both adults and children where you can explore a ninja yashiki. The ninja yashiki or karakuri yashiki is a complicated maze and you’ll have to find the way out on your own. Also, they have a ninja museum with fascinating archives of ninja related pictures and ninja weapons.


Aside from the ninja museum, there is also Togakure Folk Museum which shows the history and culture of this hidden village in the mountains.


Along with the display of ninja weapons, there are about 200 pictures of ninjas demonstrating the use of the weapons.

What can I see/do here?
Ninja yashiki maze, ninja museum, Togakure folk museum, Suriken dojo, water mill, playground, etc.

Address: 3688-12 Togakure Nagano city, Nagano

Hours: 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
*closes for winter

Fees: Adult 600 yen~ Children 400 yen

Tel: +81 (0)26-256-2395

Website:Togakushi Ninpo Museum



If you are traveling with kids, this is a great place where your kids can have a blast dressing up and training as ninja! Koka is another home for a famous school of ninja, Kokaryu. This fun activity-focused spot offers you a ninja training program for kids (also for willing adults).They also have a ninja museum and ninja yashiki.


When you are dressed up as ninja, it’s a lot more fun! They have a ninja-wear rental for children at 610 yen~ and adult at 1030 yen ~.


Mizugumono-jyutsuis a water floating technique used by ninjas. There are 8 other ninja training activities as well as a shuriken dojo. At the completion of your training, you receive a ninja certificate.

What can I see/do here?
Ninja training activities, shuriken dojo (8 shuriken/300 yen), ninja-wear rental, ninja museum, ninja yashiki, shrine, etc.

Address: 394 Kokacho oki, Koka, Shiga prefectue

Hours: 9:00am ~ 4:00pm
Fees: Adult 1030 yen~ Children 520 yen ~ 820 yen

Tel: +81 (0)748-88-5000

・From Osaka/Kyoto: 70 minutes from Suita JCT by car
・From Osaka/Nara: 65 minutes from Tenri JCT by car
・Free bus from North exit of Koka station

Website: Koka Ninja Village(Japanese)


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Would like to see how ninjas actually used shuriken and other weapons in real life? The Ninja Museum of Igaryu is a perfect place to learn and witness the life and the fighting style of ninja. This Ninja Museum is located in Mie prefecture, the home of Igaryu, which is the most famous ninja school along with Kokaryu in Shiga prefecture. They also offer informative tours about Ninja Yashiki(house).


The ninja yahsiki is full of surprises with traps and hidden doors. A ninja takes you through the house to show you the hidden secrets and wonders of the yashiki disguised as a farmer’s house.


The dynamic ninja show is a must-see. Performers use ninja weapons which would have been used by real ninjas back in the day and explain how they are used. Check the show schedule here.

You can also learn more in depth about the life of ninja and their secret codes from their display of ninja weapons and toolsat the museums.

What can I see/do here?
Ninja Museums, ninja yashiki tour, Ninja show, etc. Though they don’t offer ninja-wear rentals at their facility, there are many places around it that do so.

Address: 117 Uenomarunouchi, Iga, Mie Prefecture

Hours: 9:00am ~ 5:00pm

Fees: Adult 756 yen~ Children 432 yen ~
*Ninja show  300 yen/person

Tel: +81 (0)595 (23) 0311

Access: 10 minutes from Uenoshi station by Iga railway

Website: Iganinja