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In Japan there is a unique kind of accommodation facility – the capsule hotel.

The travelers get to rest in a box-shaped capsule, large enough just for a bed to fit in. One of the main features of this lodging is that the accommodation fee is cheaper than that of usual hotels. These lodging facilities are characteristic to Japan. As they can be found in the proximity of train stations, we warmly recommend visitors to Japan to try using them.

A Ninja Inspired Capsule Hotel Open in Yokohama

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Business Inn New City in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, is an accommodation facility that takes the concept of capsule hotel to a new level, making it into a perfect lodging place for the travelers who visit Japan.

Here you can find capsules inspired by “ninja”, named “Wa Cap NINJA” (和カプNINJA).

When you step into the lodging space, you find a tatami room with rows of capsules with noren (*1) at their entrance. The walls are covered with paintings showing ninjas, sakura flowers and kanji (Chinese characters). Even the inner side of the capsules is decorated with ninja figures. This must be the image of Japan as seen by people from abroad.

*1… noren is a piece of cloth hung at the entrance of Japanese restaurants and shops, with the name of the place inscribed on it.

Anime Inspired “Ita Cap” and the Traditional Japanese “Wa Cap SENGOKU”

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Business Inn New City was initially an usual capsule hotel with a bathing space and a sauna.

It went through a transformation in 2014. The AniSon Cafe (*2) “Stars@City” (すた〜ず@City) located within the hotel has started a collaboration with the lodging facility, which lead to the opening of “Ita Cap” (痛カプ), capsules themed after anime. This resulted in an increase of reservations from visitors from abroad.

“Wa Cap SENGOKU” (和カプSENGOKU), a series of capsules inspired by Japanese castles and samurai culture, and recently the “Wa Cap NINJA” (和カプNINJA) have been subsequently established.

*2…AniSon Cafe is a type of karaoke facility where the playlist consists mainly of anime opening and ending songs.

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According to the staff of the hotel, they are planning to open new types of such concept capsules, in order for travelers to enjoy their stay in this facility. It is definitely worth checking out this hotel even if you are not an avid fan of Anime.

How Do Foreigners React to the Japanese Capsules Hotels?

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The capsules with a certain theme are in general very appreciated by foreign travelers.

Although they know the design of the capsule they reserved beforehand, many lodgers cannot help but cry out “Amazing!” when they see the capsule with their own eyes.

However, there might be foreign travelers not accustomed to capsule hotels, who probably worry about the lodging conditions, especially the width, of the capsules. Please do not worry.

The capsules at Business Inn New City are spacious enough as to allow people to change their clothes inside, not to mention that there is plenty of space for one person to sleep in. Clean bedding is put in advance at the disposal of the customers, so you don’t have to prepare anything in particular.

A Large Bathing Space To Relax In After A Day’s Travel

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There is a restaurant adjacent to the lodging facility. The menu consists mainly of standard Japanese and Chinese cuisine. There is of course an English version of the menu available.

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The bathing room is a large space with several places to bathe in. There is a jet bath, as well as a bath with black silica hot water using natural ore, which is said to improve blood circulation. After a long and tiring travel you will be able to relax here.

Regarding the way to use a public bath in Japan, please read the following MATCHA article:

When Visiting Yokohama, Spend the Night at Businness Inn New City

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The nearest station to Business Inn New City is the Hi no de Machi Station 日ノ出町駅, located at 4 minutes from Yokohama station on the Keikyū Main Line. It is very easy to reach Minato mirai みなとみらい and the Chinatown Motomachi Chūkagai 元町・中華街 from here.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Kamakura 鎌倉 or Tokyo 東京 by train, so it is a very convenient lodging place for travelers who want to go to other places in Eastern Japan. Keep in mind that Kamakura and Tokyo are situated in opposite directions from here.

The “Nin Cap” (Ninja Capsules) of Business Inn New City offer a compact image of Japan in a capsule hotel.

Please be aware that this is a male only accommodation facility. We recommend it heartily to all of those who want to experience spending the night at a capsule hotels, to everyone who seeks reasonably priced accommodation, but also to everyone who plans on visiting Yokohama.

Business Inn New City ビジネスインニューシティー

Address: Kanagawa, Yokohama, Naka-ku, Fukutomi-chō Nishidōri 53
Opening Hours: Check-in after 15:00 o’clock, check-out before 10:00 o’clock
Closed: never
Wi-Fi: Yes
Credit Cards: –
Languages Available: Simple English
Menu in Other Languages: English
Nearest station: Hi no de machi Station (日ノ出町駅) on the Keihin kyūkō Main Line, Kannai Station (関内駅) on the JR Keihin Tōhoku Line and Yokohama Municipal Subway Line
Access: 3 minutes walk from Hi no de machi Station on the Keihin kyūkō Main Line; 8 minutes walk from Kannai Station on the JR Keihin Tōhoku Line and Yokohama Municipal Subway Line
Price range: 4000 yen/night for the concept capsules (“Ita cap” 痛カプ, “Wa Cap SENGOKU” 和カプSENGOKU, and “Wa Cap NINJA” 和カプNINJA)
Religious Considerations: –
Telephone number: +81-045-231-3726
*Business Inn New City is a male only accommodation facility.
Oficial Website: Business Inn New City (Bilingual Japanese-English)