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Popular Fast Food in Japan : Gyu-don | Japan Guide

Gyudon grilled beef on rice bowl

Gyudon is beef and onions cooked with special sauce served on top of a bowl of rice.
There are a number of gyu-don chains, such as “Yoshino-ya”, “Suki-ya” and “Matsu-ya”. Especially in cities, they are convenient in the early morning breakfast, as there are a large number of them. They are serving not only gyu-don but also curry and many other menu. You will not be fed up visiting the same shop.
Many Gyudon shops adopt meal ticket method.



Official Website: http://www.yoshinoya.com/ ※Japanese only 

It has a long history with the very first restaurant founded in Tsukiji 1899.
It is Japan’s largest Gyudon chain and has overseas locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the US.
A standard size Gyudon serving costs 380yen.



Official Website: http://www.sukiya.jp/ ※Japanese only 

There are a variety of floavors for Gyudon available including eggplant and tomato, kimuchi (Korean pickle), and cheese.
Beside Gyudon, there are other Dnburi (ball) dish such as broiled eel and Japanese curry.
A standard size Gyudon serving costs 350yen.



Their Gyudon bowl is called “Gyumeshi” always serving with a soy soup.
A standard size Gyudon serving costs 290yen.

Official Website: http://www.matsuyafoods.co.jp/english/index.html



Beside Gyudon bowl, Udon (made of wheat flour) and Oyako-don (a bowl of rice topped with boiled chicken and eggs) are also popular.
A standard size Gyudon serving costs 350yen.
A standard size Oyako-don servng costs 490yen.

Official Website: http://www.nakau.co.jp/jp/index.html ※Japanese only