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Curry with rice

Curry is off course not a Japanese food. It is reformed in the United Kingdom and uniquely developed in Japan.
It is one of the most popular meals in Japan and sometimes called “soul food of Japan”.
It is also served in school lunch and receiving favorable response from young students.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya


There are more than 30 types of curries available beside seasonal menu. You can choose curry spice and amount in addition to a variety of toppings.
There are a various range of menu but also limited seasonal menu is popular. They operate stores not only in Japan but also the USA, Taiwan, China, Korea and Thailand. It is called “CoCo Ichi” for short.

Official Website:

Curry Shop C & C


They serve “C&C Original”, an authentic curry with rice which richly blended 28 kinds of spices. You can choose from various toppings and flavor, such as pork, beef, vegetable, either mild, medium spicy or spicy. For who are not fancy with curry, the menu except curry, such as hashed beef with rice, is also available.

Official Websitehttp://www.curry-cc.jp/ ※Japanese only