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Popular Fast Food in Japan : Hamburger | Japan Guide


Although there are also hamburger restaurants originated from overseas, such as McDonalds, I introduce you Japanese original hamburger restaurants, such as Mos Burger. Why don’t you try Japanese style hamburger?

Mos Burger


Mos Burger provides Japanese style burger. Teriyaki Burger comes with soy sauce or miso(bean paste) based sauce and a plenty of lettuce and mayonnaise.
Teriyaki Burger serving costs 360yen(tax excluded). Kinpira (fried burdock root and carrot) Rice Burger serving costs 340yen(tax excluded).

Official Website:

Freshness Burger


Fresh made burger right after receipt of order. Relaxed atmosphere with early American style. There is a variety of seasonings including seasoning salt, mustard, ketchup, jalapeno sauce etc. on seasoning counter you can use freely.
Freshness burger serving costs 350yen(tax excluded).

Official Websitehttp://www.freshnessburger.co.jp/etc/english.html

First Kitchen


The differentiated menu from other hamburger restaurant have been receiving a favorable reputation, such as our most popular Bacon Egg Burger, french fries that you can choose a flavor, pasta, soup and desserts.
Bacon egg burger serving costs 320yen.

Official Websitehttp://www.first-kitchen.co.jp/  ※Japanese only