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Yufuin no Mori is a sightseeing train. This does not mean it is only going to take you to sightseeing spots. On this train, the journey is just as important as the destination. Riding a train is part of the whole sightseeing experience. If you are thinking to visit Kyushu during your stay in Japan, I highly recommend riding “Yufuin no Mori”. Here, we introduce this sightseeing train you need and attracting.

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Yufuin no Mori was started in March 11th, 1989 and is operated by JR Kyushu. It runs between Hakata station in Fukuoka and Beppu station in Oita. On the way to Beppu station, it stops at a number of different stations. The route also takes you through a number of sightseeing views and when passing through these, the trains slows down and makes announcements in both Japanese and English to enrich your experience.

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Just like I mentioned earlier, the journey is just as important as the destinations. The train’s atmosphere is what really makes the journey special. It has a vintage yet modern feel to it. The aesthetics are focused on creating an atmosphere that matches the surrounding scenery. This is done successfully through the wonderful wooden accents throughout the train cabins. When you step into the train, it feels as if you have been taken back in time. While still possessing many of the modern amenities much like the bullet train the antique design really brings a warm nostalgic feeling.

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There are a variety of different seating options available. There are standard seats, box seat with a table (advance reservation required), and bar seating in the lounge car. The sightseeing lounge car is really something special. The interior is entirely wooden featuring giant windows from floor to ceiling offering the perfect view. It is also equipped with tables and bar seating to enjoy the meals or a nice cup of tea (or beer!). Food and beverages are sold in a different area. Options range from light snacks to Bento (lunch box), dessert options are also available. Souvenirs can also be purchased here.

Kyushu really has a lot to offer from Onsen to beautiful scenery. In my opinion, Yufuin no Mori is the best way to really enjoy and see everything Kyushu has to offer.


Yufuin no Mori 1
09:24am Hakata
09:37am Futsukaichi
09:50am Tosu
10:01am Kurume
10:41am Hita
10:54am Amagase
11:08am Bungomori
11:36am Yufuin
– Oita
– Beppu

Yufuin no Mori 3
10:25am Hakata
10:37am Futsukaichi
10:50am Tosu
10:58am Kurume
11:40am Hita
11:52am Amagase
12:08am Bungomori
12:34am Yufuin
13:22am Oita
13:35am Beppu

Yufuin no Mori 5
02:35pm Hakata
02:47pm Futsukaichi
03:00pm Tosu
03:07pm Kurume
03:50pm Hita
04:03pm Amagase
04:18pm Bungomori
04:44pm Yufuin
– Oita
– Beppu


Yufuin no Mori 2
– Beppu
– Oita
12:09pm Yufuin
12:39pm Bungomori
12:52pm Amagase
01:03pm Hita
01:45pm Kurume
01:53pm Tosu
02:04pm Futsukaichi
02:16pm Hakata

Yufuin no Mori 4
02:39pm Beppu
02:55pm Oita
03:50pm Yufuin
04:18pm Bungomori
04:32pm Amagase
04:47pm Hita
05:29pm Kurume
05:36pm Tosu
05:52pm Futsukaichi
06:07pm Hakata

Yufuin no Mori 6
– Beppu
– Oita
05:06pm Yufuin
05:34pm Bungomori
05:47pm Amagase
06:01pm Hita
06:47pm Kurume
06:54pm Tosu
07:06pm Futsukaichi
07:17pm Hakata

Yufuin no mori

Adult : 
Basic fare ticket 2810 JPY + Express fare ticket 1740 JPY = Total 4550 JPY (one way)

Child : 
Basic fare ticket 1400 JPY + Express fare ticket 870 JPY = Total 2270 JPY (one way)
*I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance because tickets often sell out. Even on weekdays the train is usually full.

*You should check the latest timetables before going.

Website : Yufuin no Mori

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