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What is “Oyasumi Punpun”?

Goodnight Punpun (おやすみプンプン Oyasumi Punpun) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Inio Asano about Onodera Punpun, a normal child depicted in the form of a bird. The story follows him as he copes with his dysfunctional family and friends, his love interest, his oncoming adolescence and his hyperactive mind. The manga has been licensed in North America by Viz Media.


Goodnight Punpun follows the life and experiences of Onodera Punpun, a young boy living in Japan, as well as a few of his friends. The manga follows Punpun as he grows up, splitting the book into around 4 stages of his life: Elementary school, Middle school, High school, and his early 20s.


Oyasumi Punpun was originally serialized in Young Sunday, but moved to Big Comic Spirits on October 20, 2008 (47th issue). It received a Jury Recommendation at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2009.The series has been published in English as Goodnight Punpun by VIZ Media under the VIZ Signature imprint in 2-in-1 omnibus volumes since March 15, 2016. It has also been published in Spanish as Buenas noches, Punpun by Norma Editorial since October 29, 2015; and in Italian as Buonanotte, Punpun by Panini Comics from April 14, 2011 to July 31, 2014.


Punpun Punyama (プン山 プンプン Punyama Punpun) / Punpun Onodera (小野寺 プンプン Onodera Punpun)

Punpun is a young boy who is most often depicted as a bird, although he is also shown in the other forms. When he is feeling confused about life or depressed he consults “God” using a chant his uncle taught him.

Aiko Tanaka (田中 愛子 Tanaka Aiko)

The child of a cult member, Aiko is Punpun’s primary love interest. Early on, she suggests that she and Punpun run away to Kagoshima. She occasionally takes on the last name Orihara (織原).

God (神 Kami, Lit. God)

A being, displayed as a photographic afro head, that often appears in front of Punpun in his times of need (Punpun “summons” him by saying, “Dear God, Tinkle tinkle hoy”).

Yūichi Onodera (小野寺 雄一 Onodera Yūichi)

Punpun’s uncle, a 30-something freeter. Yūichi takes care of Punpun while his mother is in the hospital.

Midori Ōkuma (大隈 翠 Ōkuma Midori)

Yūichi’s girlfriend that runs a cafe. She briefly joins Punpun’s family during middle school and helps take care of him and his family.

Sachi Nanjō (南条 幸 Nanjō Sachi)

A young woman Punpun meets in his young adult life. She is an aspiring manga artist who grows to be one of Punpun’s close friends.

Seki Masumi (真澄 関 Masumi Seki)

One of Punpun’s childhood friends, who is a close companion of Shimizu. He is cynical and aloof, but cares deeply for Shimizu.

Kō Shimizu (清水 コー Shimizu Kō)

Another of Punpun’s childhood friends. Shimizu has a wild imagination and depends on Seki. He later joins Pegasus’ cult.

Toshiki Hoshikawa / “Pegasus” (星川 敏樹 Hoshikawa Toshiki)

The leader of a cult in Punpun’s city and a recurring side character.

Mitsuko Tanaka (田中 光子 Tanaka Mitsuko)

Aiko’s mother. She is cruel and abusive to her daughter Aiko, and shows signs of having mental instability. Though she later ends up crippled, later chapters suggest this may be an act.

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The manga was serialized in the Japanese manga magazine Weekly Young Sunday and, later, Big Comic Spirits by Shogakukan from March 15, 2007 to November 2, 2013. Shogakukan compiled the 147 chapters into thirteen volumes between August 3, 2007 and December 27, 2013. Some of these volumes have been sold as limited special editions with extras like: a phone strap, t-shirt, colored pencil set with figures, and lensless glasses. In July 2015, Viz Media announced at Otakon that they licensed the manga and will be releasing the manga in seven omnibus volumes, with the first published on March 15, 2016. The manga has also been published in France by Kana, in Italy by Panini Comics, in Germany by Tokyopop, in Taiwan by Taiwan Tohan, and in Spain by Norma Editorial.