The Complete Guide to Sushi Etiquette : How to eat and order? | Japan Guide

Introducing sushi etiquette in Japan. How to eat and order? Should you eat with fingers or chopsticks? This sushi etiquette guide will help you when you eat it in Japan.

Would like to go luxurious sushi bar when you are in Japan, but curious and nervous about the proper way to eat the sushi? Don’t worry! Here is the tips how to eat sushi. The most important thing is that you should enjoy the sushi instead of the following manners. Just try!

Eet with Fingers or Chopsticks?

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It is usually said that we should eat sushi with our fingers instead of with chopsticks. Actually, there is no right or wrong, but it is true that if you eat sushi with chopsticks, it is true that it crumbles and ruin the rice and neta (sashimi on top of the rice).

The following is the way how to hold the sushi and dip it into soy sauce.
First of all, hold sushi with your thumb, index finger and middle finger. After hold your sushi either with fingers or chopsticks, turn over the sushi so that only the neta (sashimi on top of the rice) touches the soy sauce. The surface of the fish must be soaked so that it will not ruin the rice and sushi and will not damage the taste of the sushi. You can just enjoy the flavor of the fish. Bring the sushi without turning back the sushi back upwards so that the fish side will hit your tongue and taste the fish first. When you eat sushi, better to eat sushi in one bite as avoiding the destruction of the beautifully prepared sushi.

*You do not need to add wasabi into the soy sauce as the sushi already contains wasabi.

How to dip The Maki Sushi in The Soy Sauce

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It is not easy to turn over maki sushi or gunkan (neta is top on the maki sushi) like nigiri sushi mentioned in the above so that we should just use a piece of gari which is slice vinegared ginger. Dip this gari in the soy sauce and transfer to the surface of maki sushi or gunkan a few times. Better not dip the maki sushi into the soy sauce.

How to Order?

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Even though there is no rule to place the orders at all, generally it is recommended to order light colored fish first and then move on to dark colored fish as the light colored fish have lighter flavors and the dark colored fish such as toro or anago have more rich flavors. If you are not sure what to order, just leave it up to the chefs. It’s called OMAKASE which the order will be decided or recommended by the chefs. Of course, you are allowed to tell them if you’re not a fan of certain fish.

How to refresh the taste?

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Agari (Japanese call green tea “Agari” at sushi restaurants) is bitterer than usual green tea as to clear and refresh the mouth before go to the next sushi which every sushi has the different kind of taste.

Avoid to wear perfume

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As the perfume ruins the scent of the fish, we should avoid wearing the perfume. We should enjoy the scent of fresh sushi when we eat sushi.

Etiquette is usually thought to be really difficult but it is just manner or concern to make every diner enjoy and experience the moment. We hope you enjoy sushi with the etiquette while you are in Japan.