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A mountain hot spring resort at the foot of the Southern Alps

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The clear and colorless hot spring that is known to make skin shiny and smooth is also comfortable to skin. Not only the hot spring but also the landscape is attractive. Visit the mountain hot spring at the foot of the Southern Alps taking an SL train and mini train through a beautiful gorge deep in the mountains. Scenery from the train window and views from bath will accentuate the memories of the trip to Sumatakyo Hot Spring.

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The area is a V-shaped deep gorge with a lot of falls such as Hiryu-no-taki. Enjoy tender green in spring, sunbeams streaming through leaves in summer and colored leaves in autumn in the place surrounded by thick green mountains. The landscape is accentuated by Yume-no-tsurihashi suspension-bridge and Hiryu bridge. Thrilling crossing of the 90m-long and 8m-high suspension bridge is a part of the pleasure of walking “Sumatakyo Promenade,” a recreation trail through Sumatakyo.

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In addition to accommodation facilities, a “hot spring that makes women beautiful” that is an open-air rock bath is popular as a day-trip facility. They say Sumatakyo hot spring is good for nerve pain, sore muscles, joint pain, fatigue, frozen shoulder, feeling of cold, skin diseases, bruise, digestive disorder, cuts, diabetes, hemorrhoids and chronic feminine problems as well as to make skin beautiful, for example. The place with attractive hot springs and tranquil and beautiful landscape is selected as one of “the 100 natural landscapes to bequeath to the 21st century.”

279 Senzu, Kawanehoncho, Shizuoka

0547-59-2746 (Kawanehoncho Machizukuri Kanko Kyokai)

Train: 40 minutes by Oigawa Tetsudo Bus for Sumatakyo Onsen from Oigawa Tetsudo Senzu Station (3 hours and 20 minutes from Tokyo; one hour and 40 minutes from Shizuoka Station) to the terminal
Car: One hour from Shimada-Kanaya Interchange on the Shin-Tomei Expressway

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