Shirahige Waterfall a Beautiful Winter-Summer Destination | Japan Guide

apan, the land of rising sun has a deep history in the roots of the civilization. Surrounded by Pacific Ocean to the East and Sea Of Japan to the West, there are 4 major islands of Japan ; Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.

Hokkaido is the second largest, and also the least developed of its four main islands of Japan. The weather will be harsh in winter, with the temperature soaking down to below zero degrees, leading to a showering snowfall and frozen seas and the temperatures in summer will not be hot and humid as other parts of the country. It attracts Skiers and Snow-boarders in the colder seasons and Cyclists, Campers, Hikers from June to September.

There are many beautiful tourism destination in Hokkaido, and the Blue Pond is one of it. The Blue Pond is located in the left bank of the River Bieigawa, southeast of the town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan, about 2.5 km northwest from the Platinum hot springs at the foot of Mt. Tokachi.

Reference: flickr

Shirahige Waterfall is near to Blue Pond (Aoiike), about 5 minutes drive. Shirahige Waterfall is close to the bus stop and there are many hotels for stay near the Shirahige Waterfall. Shirahige Waterfall is also called Shirahige No Taki, (Taki means plunging waterfall). Shirahige Waterfall is located 600 metres above the sea level and it stands 30 metres tall. The water flowing alongside the rocks is called white beard, meaning Shirahige. Thus the name was coined Shirahige Waterfalls (White Beard). People can enjoy the lush green sceneries in and around Shirahige in the summer, while in the winter, people can enjoy the frozen white Shirahige Waterfall and its surroundings.

Google Street View shows the panoramic experience of the Shirahige Waterfall. The map code of the Shirahige Waterfall is 796 182 604. The Helix bridge near the Shirahige Waterfall provides a great view of the waterfall, which connects people to the nature.

Reference: flickr