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Do you ever go to any lakes in your own country? Many people prefer to go to the beach or to go hiking rather than to go to a lake. Summer should be beach, isn’t it? I also had the same thinking before, until I discovered these gorgeous lakes that Japan has. So, let’s learn more about the lakes in Japan that will make you want to see them for real!

Lake Biwa

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Do you know that Lake Biwa is the largest fresh water lake in Japan? Maybe some of you have heard about this information before. This lake is located in Shiga prefecture in Japan (west central of the main island). It has an area of about 670 square kilometers. Its length from the north to south is about 80 kilometers, and the width from west to east is about 25 kilometers. The depth of the lake is about 103 meters. Japanese people usually say it as 琵琶湖 (“Biwako”), which is from two words of Japanese, “Biwa” and “Ko”. The word 湖 “Ko” means lake, and the word 琵琶 “Biwa” means Loquat in Japanese. It is known that because the shape of the lake is similar to Loquat fruit, they named it as Lake Biwa.

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You can see the sunrise from this lake, and what I can say about that? It is really beautiful! Not only that, the scenery around the lake is also very beautiful.

Fuji Five Lakes

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Fuji five lakes are also known as 富士五湖 (“Fuji Go Ko”) in Japanese. Maybe some of you have already known about Fuji-san, or known as Mount Fuji, the most popular mountain in Japan. The word 五 “Go” means five, and the word 湖 “Ko” means lake in Japanese. So, it literally means the five lakes around Mount Fuji. What are they then? They are Kawaguchi Ko, Sai Ko, Yamanaka Ko, Shoji Ko, and Motosu Ko. It is known that these places are the best spots to view Mountain Fuji from a close distance.

Lake Ashinoko

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This lake was formed in the caldera of Mount Hakone after the volcano’s eruption 3000 years ago. The most popular thing from this lake is the combination view of the lake with the view of Mount Fuji. You can enjoy that scenery from Moto-Hakone, or from Hakone detached Palace Garden. I have gone to Hakone before, and I have seen it. It was a really beautiful scenery! Unfortunately, sometimes there are some clouds that block the view of Mountain Fuji there. So, just hope to have a clear view of the mountain.

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At Last

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Those are the most well-known lakes in Japan. I prefer the Fuji Five Lakes. Those lakes are really beautiful! I think that going visiting lakes is not a bad choice in Japan. I really recommend you to go to Fuji Five Lakes. Go there with your beloved family or friends, and have fun there! Don’t forget to bring your camera too!