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If you are in Shibuya and already done with your 109 shopping, selfies with the famously patient Hachiko and scramble crossing adventures, perhaps you might want to visit Omotesando. This fashionable area is within the Shibuya ward and is worth visiting. Just take the subway (Ginza/銀座線 or Hanzomon/半蔵門線 line) and get off at the very next station. Of course, you can simply walk there as well, passing all the interesting architecture such as the Children castle and the United Nations University.

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Fashion lover or not, one may not be indifferent to Omotesando, I seriously believe. This is the location of world famous brands such as Prada and Miu Miu obviously. But it also has a very nice architecture and beautiful planning. I confess that I have taken multiple videos and photographs there which of course predominantly include the Prada building in various lights, both day and night. In case you are hungry, you might want to stop by the chain shop of organic Natural House or look for a very cozy and delightful Down the Stairs café.

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Once fed and relaxed, take just a few more minutes walk to the Nezu museum (根津. There are signs indicating the location right from the Omotesando station. I must warn you that this place may not fit into a very tight traveling schedule, because one may spend more than a few hours there till its closure at 5 pm.

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Why is that? Well, the museum is a wonderful combination of both man-created and natural beauty. It is based on the private collection of various pieces of arts belonging to Nezu Kaichiro (Sr), the president of Tobu Railways. Majority of items are focused on tea and tea ceremony. There are various tea houses on site. Also many marvelous tea utensils are sold in the souvenir shop.

I was personally impressed by the rich Chinese bronzes collection. The ancient art pieces dated back to 15th century B.C. are absolutely mesmerizing. It’s mind-blowing how much our ancestors created with how little they had. And how generously they passed their comprehension of aesthetics to us so many generations later.

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Finally, the most unexpected and yet so harmonious place is the museum’s garden. In a way, it is a continuation of the art through the hands of nature. The wide spacious territory is rather a Zen forest.

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Expect to see different kinds of trees and flowers as you stroll along the rock paths. There are ducks and red, black and white koi fishes living in the pond. Soft colours of moss on the small Buddha statues blend well with the tree branches. At some point you might forget where you are, as the time will stop and the atmosphere of peace and harmony will surround you all around. But don’t be confused, it is exactly how you understand the natural art.

Nezu museum is not a very “touristy” spot but it is very worth visiting.

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