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Mandarake: Treasure Island Paradise | Japan Guide

Japan is a land full of treasures waiting to be found and discovered. Without hesitation, it is known world-wide for its manga and animation as a trademark. Also, the offer of unique merchandising and other specific goods generates an exceptional buying and selling market. Within this ocean of products and offerings, there is a treasure island: the Mandarake.

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まんだらけ(Mandarake) is a chain of franchises and shops, as well as the largest vendor of used goods, specially manga and anime-related products, in Japan. Founded in 1980 and currently with more than 168 employees, this company, with its headquarters in Tokyo has different types of shops and stores. The chain has general shops with all the goods together and also separated and divided stores responsible for buying, selling and offering specific and more specialized products, goods and merchandising.

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The stores stock collectibles, VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, used manga and comic books, customs and cosplays (costume play), toys and a large number of fan-drawn doujinshi or fanzines (particularly directed to female audience for its BL contents offer).

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Mainly anime and manga-related products are collected, categorized and stored in the different shops all around Japan. One of the company’s attraction is its easy accessibility and convenience. The shops and stores can be found not only in several Tokyo districts and in Kanto region but also located in Kansai region, as well as up in the northern and western regions of Japan’s main island (list of shops). Places like comic books, design and art books shops, figures and toys stores, doujinshi, fanzine and fan-made goods shops, DVD and CD stores, old book and old comic book stores are but a few examples of the offer that Mandarake represents.

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Besides, it has an online service to display the items available in stores and to sell both nationally and with international service.

On the contrary to what it may seem, the fact that it is based on second-hand products, far from representing an inconvenient, gives an additional positive element of competitiveness as a sales company. The price of the products is more competitive compared to first-hand alternative with the same quality. It even has elements out-of-print, unlisted or discontinued in regular stores, offering even much more things in the case of these old element markets where the regular first-hand market does not reach.

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In addition, the offer of second-hand products includes, sometimes, the option of buying it in a complete pack. By these means, the price is substantially reduced and adds an economic and additional attractiveness to the offer. Also, the fact that it is a second-hand market instead of first-hand also offers more than one price for the same product, depending on its quality, state or if it is part of a pack or special offer and promotion.

So, for all the anime and manga fans and followers wishing to get the products of their favourite characters, or even for any curious tourist coming around for a travel, it will definitely be interesting having a look at this special feature and curiosity called Mandarake. Go ahead and enjoy exploring. As the Japanese sellers usually say: Feel welcome! Or いらっしゃいませ!Irasshaimase!