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Did you know that Japan’s weather forecasts are among the most accurate in the world ? In Japan, you can generally rely on the weather forecast ! If it says that it will rain tomorrow , don’t forget to bring your umbrella tomorrow when you go outside!

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A Special Day

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Waiting for a day that is really special to you? Waiting for a date or a big event in your life? How would you react if the weather forecast said that it will rain on the day you are waiting for? It will ruin your mood for sure ! Luckily, Japanese people still have a way to hope that it will be a sunny day.

Teru Teru Bozu

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“Teru” means shine, and “Bozu” means Buddhist priest or bonze in Japanese. So, Teru Teru Bozu is a shine shine monk! What a cute name! It is a handmade doll made of tissue paper or cloth. In Japan, when this doll is made and hanged it in front of the window, it is believed that there is a hope to avoid bad weather or rain. It is also believed that the more they make and hang it in front of the window, the higher the possibility is.

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How to Make

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Here is the simplest way to make teru teru bozu:

  1. First of all, prepare two pieces of tissue paper and some strings.
  2. Crumple one of the tissue paper and make it to a ball shape.
  3. Wrap the ball with the other tissue paper.
  4. Tighten the tissue paper around the ball and twist it to make the doll’s head.
  5. You can also decorate it with your own style.
  6. Make it cuter and hang it in front of the window to avoid from bad weather or rainy day.

Teru Teru Bozu Song

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Here is a song that is vert popular among children in Japan: they will sing it when they hang teru teru bozu in front of the window to hope that tomorrow will be a sunny day.
This is the English version of it.

Sunny, sunny monk boy, sunny monk boy,
Tomorrow, make the weather nice for me
Like a heavenly dream once upon a time
If it clears, I’ll give you a gold bell.

Sunny, sunny monk boy, sunny monk boy,
Tomorrow make the weather nice for me
If you listen to my wish
We’ll drink lots of sweet sake.

Sunny, sunny monk boy, sunny monk boy,
Tomorrow, make the weather nice for me
If it should get cloudy and you weep
Then I’ll cut off your head, snip!

What a wonderful and funny song, isn’t it? There is also the Japanese version of it that you can find on YouTube.
Hoping for a sunny day ? Make more Teru Teru Bozu then! Don’t let the weather ruin your mood. Stay positive! Cheers!