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You won’t find anything like this but here at Kujuku Islands. This chain of islands creates a picturesque scenery combining crystal clear blue waters and emerald green islands.


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Kujuku Islands is a group of islands running along the coast of Nagasaki, Japan. These islands are under the jurisdiction of Sasebo city and Hirado city. The name of these islands literally translates to “99 Islands” however at current count there are a total of 208 islands total and the length of these islands stretches to 25 kilometers. There are only four inhabitable islands and the rest are uninhabited.

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Each island is also considered under the Saikai National Park. Although these islands are grouped under Kujuku Islands each individual island is named. On top of that each island has a story associated with its name. These islands have a rich history and you will be hard pressed to find another place like it anywhere else in the world. The views you will see here are truly one of a kind and you may just lose yourself here. However this isn’t just a spot to enjoy the views, you can learn about the history, take a cruise and try some of the great local foods in this area.


Some of the most iconic spot for photographs is located at the observatory towers. The views from these towers will truly take your breath away. While there isn’t just a single observation tower we will give you our top two picks.

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First up is the Funakoshi Observatory Tower. This observatory tower is handicap accessible and is really easy to get to. Located only a few minutes from Kujuku Pearl Sea Resort.

Funakoshi Observatory

147 Funakoshi-cho, Sasebo city, Nagasaki PrefectureAccess: 3 min car ride from Kujukushima Pearl Sea ResortPhone: 0956-22-6630

Website: Funakoshi Observatory (JP)

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The next one is Ishidake Observatory Tower. If you are familiar with the movie “The Last Samurai” you be familiar with this tower since it was featured in the movie. This observatory tower features a 360 degree panoramic view and will take your breath away.

Ishidake Observatory

2277 Funakochi-cho, Sasebo city, NagasakiAccess: 15 min car ride from Sasebo station

Website: Ishidake Observatory (JP)

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The next featured pick here is the Pearl Queen. This elegant vessel is modeled after an older ship. This ship will take you in and out of the narrow channels between the islands and offer you a close up view. Starting on April 1st, this new boat runs on electricity and is truly and eco-friendly boat. This is the first boat in Japan to run on electricity and is truly a modern marvel. The boat also is handicap accessible with elevators and special restrooms.

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The boat runs normal cruises during the day, but they also offer a limited sunset cruise on the weekends. They even have a special end of the year cruise as well as the first of the year cruise (both of these will require reservations well in advance). The entire cruise lasts about 50 minutes and there only 200 tickets available per cruise.

Pearl Queen Cruise

Departure Times :
10:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm (other departure times available too)

Refer here for more details: Pearl Queen Cruise

1,400 JPY (high school students and up), 700 JPY (4years – Middle School Student)

*Group 15+: 1200 JPY per adult and 600 JPY per child
*Only groups of 15 or greater can make advanced reservations*
*Ticket sales begin at 9:00am and you can only pay in cash

Lengh: Around 50 minutes

Website: Pearl Queen Cruise

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Like any other part of Japan the food changes slightly and there are always new dishes to try. Nagasaki is no exception bringing to the table a variety of delicious local cuisines that you will surely like. Here are our top two must try local foods.

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Kujuku Islands Oysters: These oysters are locally grown in and around the surrounding area. Kujuku Islands Oysters are smaller than normal oysters, but the meat inside matches the size of the shell, so if you think about it it may have more meat than normal oysters. The oysters can be described as soft and juicy with a rich milky flavor.

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Tora Fugu: These tora fugu or in English, pufferfish, are farm raised and there is no place in the world that raises as many. These Tora Fugu are raised in a special area which constantly changing currents and in deep waters. The texture of this fish is unique and it is difficult to put into words the flavors that come out when you first take of bite.

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Nagasaki is a prefecture with a rich history and amazing sights. Kujuku Islands is a major destination that represents just that. With the beautiful sights, lots to do, and delicious foods, you may have trouble leaving this wonderful place. If you are into seeing truly unique natural sights then this is the destination for you! So next time you are in Japan think about going down south to Kujuku Islands, you might just find your new favorite place.

Website: Kujuku Islands

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