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Do you like the idea of a hot spring spa theme park? Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is under the spot light recently. Let’s take a look of many attractions it has to offer!

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a hot spring spa theme park gaining popularity even outside of Japan. Equipped with many interesting types of bath and hot spring, it is a spa heaven where the visitors can be away from their busy daily lives to relax and rejuvenate. These attractions are not to be missed this summer when you plan a get away!


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One of the main attractions here at Yunessun is the “Rodeo Mountain,” often introduced on TV and magazines. Here, all visitors from kids (taller than 110 cm) to adults can enjoy three giant different shaped slides. Going down the slides gives you the sensation of going down fast-flowing streams! At Rodeo Mountain, adults can go back to their child years and fully enjoy the attraction. Also, using warm water allows this attraction to be opened all year round, even in the middle of a cold winter. Hence, the fun never ends. There are also hot springs on the mountain top, which allows you to experience deep relaxation as well as a grand view of Hakone. Come and experience the thrill and speed at the Rodeo Mountain yourself!


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Looking for something fun and adventurous to do while enjoying the hot spring? Cave Bath in Rodeo Mountain can give you an unforgettable spa experience as you soak yourself in hot spring inside a cave! With tunnels all around, you can expect to have a mysterious and adventurous spa experience only possible here at Cave Bath!


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Outdoor bath, “Mori no Yu” is fully emerged in the magnificent nature of Hakone. Among them, there is “Japanese Garden Bath,” an open out door hot spring in the middle of a Japanese garden. Here, a superb view of Hakone mountains during the day and an infinitely spread starry sky can be enjoyed at night while immersing in the hot and relaxing hot spring. There is also “Hakone Toki Bath,” hot spring in a huge ceramic bath tub. Soak up the loveliness of Japanese culture while immersing yourself in the tub! What’s more? The setting makes you feel the privilege of having a private hot spring all for yourself. Also, not to be forgotten is the private Japanese Hinoki cypress bath. You can fully enjoy the outdoor hot spring far removed from city life.


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In Sake Bath, you can see sake dripping into the tub of hot spring from an over sized sake barrel on the side of the tub, which is where the aroma that enwraps the whole room comes from. Sake is known for longevity and both sake and hot spring can warm up one’s body. With double doses of this effect, you can be sure to feel warm from the core of your body in this Sake Bath. Although it is not for oral consumption, you might even feel a little “drunk” after your body is warmed up in this hot spring-sake mixture.


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Numerous recent studies have shown many health benefits of green tea. However, the power of green tea is not limited only to intake of the drink. After soaking in the Green Tea Bath here at the Yunessun, you can expect to have more beautiful skin, not to mention the relaxation you can experience from immersing yourself in the bright green bath. As you enjoy the relaxing aroma of the green tea, it will warm up your body at the same time.


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Yunessun special, a full-scale coffee bath is a one-of-a-kind bath you can experience only here at Yunessun. This is the first attempt in Japan to have a coffee bath using flannel drip coarsely ground coffee extracted in low temperature hot spring. Coffee is said to have anti-fatigue, relaxation, and skin beautifying effect. Enjoy the aroma of coffee and experience all these benefits as you recharge yourself in this unique bath. As in the wine bath, the performance of pouring more coffee into the bath is a must see!


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Soaking in the bright purple, rich and full-flavored wine bath is quite an experience. Wine bath is believed to have a skin rejuvenation effect, making you look younger. For this reason, it has loved from ancient times by Cleopatra and Queen Mary, for example. In addition to rejuvenation, it also has skin beautifying effect. To have a complete experience, make sure not to miss the employee’s performance of pouring wine into the bath tub!


To fully enjoy Yunessun’s attractions, it is a good idea to stay over for at least one night. There are three accommodations you can choose from. They offer various packages; some of them include meal plans and different kinds of pass to Yunessun. Find out which package works the best for you before making a reservation.

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Hakone Hotel Kowakien is only a few minutes away from Yunessun by foot. This is a resort hotel surrounded by forests where you can enjoy the beautiful faces of four different seasons. You can also find a restaurant with a beautiful garden view. And hot spring, “Seseragi no Yu,” where you can relax and enjoy a picturesque scenery is a must-try. Here, four types of rooms are available to accommodate all guests. They are standard twin, western/Japanese deluxe, garden view suit, and special wester/Japanese rooms with an outdoor hot spring.

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B&B Pension Hakone is another resort near Yunessun. Their rooms are mainly singles and twins, making it perfect for a person visiting alone as well as for couples. It is a private hotel used for different purposes. Free shuttle bus service is available for its guests’ convenience. An European outlook with a fashionable interior fits right in today’s stylish trend. In the morning, enjoy the freshly baked pastries along with freshly brew coffee to start the day. At night, on the other hand, relax in a spacious natural hot spring bath that lets in lots of natural sunlight during the day!

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Hakone Kowakien Miyama Furin is the latest addition to the resort in the Spring of 2016. You can choose from western/Japanese room, standard Japanese room, or superior Japanese room. Like in B&B, you can also enjoy freshly brew coffee and freshly baked pastries in the morning from 7:30am to 9am. Lastly, what not to be missed, of course, is its hot spring. At Miyama Furin, you will enjoy the open outdoor hot spring that applies kakenagashi (a way to constantly refill the tub naturally with hot spring that pours out from its source). If you prefer to reenergize your fatigued body in an environment with complete Japanese atmosphere, this will be your choice.

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