Lesser Known But No Less Beautiful | Japan Guide

Japan is famous all over the world for its gorgeous scenery and traditional temples. But once you’ve seen all of the popular places, you might want to enjoy the lesser-known beautiful spots Japan has to offer—like Bijinbayashi in Niigata Prefecture. This forest filled with Japanese beech trees looks like it was lifted straight out of a movie!

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You’ve just crossed over a bridge into a different world.

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The sign reads Bijinbayashi, which translates to “beautiful woods” or “beautiful people woods.”

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One of the most stunning features of the woods is this gorgeous pond that makes it look like there’s another forest inside the water.

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And, of course, Bijinbayashi looks beautiful in all seasons. Whether its autumn and the leaves turn colors and fall…

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or winter and the trees are asleep, the scenery is just simply breathtaking.

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If you’re feeling inspired, or searching for inspiration, add Bijinbayashi to your list of places to see in Japan. It’s located in Niigata Prefecture’s Tokamachi, and we’re assuming to find it you just need to follow the glowing light that resonates within your heart.

Matsuguchi, Matsunoyama, Tokamachi City

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