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See dynamic nature through the year: Setting sun, starry skies, drifting ice, etc.

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Lake Notoro is right next to the Sea of Okhotsk. It has a large circumference of about 31km, with many scenic spots. On the east side, the cape’s cliffs rise about 40 to 50m, with a huge grazing area. It has impressive scenery with cattle grazing lazily. It is also a famous place for its setting sun and starry sky. Ice drifts against the coast in the winter, and you can enjoy various sights through the 4 seasons.

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The Lake’s name comes from “No Oro” (meaning place of the cape) in the Ainu language (language of the aborigines of northern Japan and Russia). The name originally indicated Cape Notoro, but it is said that this name came to be used for the lake, meaning “place near Cape Notoro.”

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It connects to the Sea of Okhotsk, and it used to be a lake where fresh water and sea water mixed. But a dike was built, so now it is only a salt water lake. Anyone can hunt for wild clams here from April 15 to October 15 each year. And it boasts a large 4 hectare bed of coral grass on the southern lake shore, one of the best in Hokkaido. From late August to early October, the moor is painted a rich red. We hope you can experience Hokkaido’s rich variety of nature.

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