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Visiting a cave might not be a mainstream activity for all, but here in Iwate prefecture of Japan, there is a marvelous cave filled with beautiful pure water of blue and green that you must see for real.


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The famous blue cave in Italy (Blue Grotto) attract many tourists throughout the year, and many people go and visit there from all the way from Japan too. But did you know that there is one in Iwate prefecture, which is just as beautiful as Blue Grotto and in fact, it changes the colour of water every time you visit. Iwate prefecture, despite of the terrible Tsunami disaster, is getting back its shape as originally known as the abandoned nature, fisheries, and tourism with which over 80,000 foreigners has visited last year. The Blue Cave exists in this beautiful prefecture, a bit of offshore, and waiting for you to experience what it is like to see the art of nature.


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One of Iwate’s best ocean views can be obtained from the Jodogahama Beach. It is surprisingly calm beach as it is surrounded by the coves, and therefore the waves are still like a lake. The Beach is known for the pure water and the clean bright white sand, and it was named as it is after one monk described it “as if I’m standing on the land of Perfect Bliss (Paradise)”. The Paradise is a place free from earthly desires and sufferings in Buddhism, and here we have the beach which is apparently as similar to this ultimate heaven.


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From here, you can reserve the toor in Jodogahama Marinehouse and take a boat to visit the Japanese Blue Cave. Unfortunately, the entry is severely restricted if it is a bad weather condition for your own safety. But when it’s calm, about 20 minutes’ ride with a small boat will take you to the entrance.

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On the way, you should watch out your heads as seagulls and black-tailed gulls would often come just above the boat to beg for food. Thank god you will be provided with a helmet, as they even rest on your head and stay there for the whole journey!


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Only the dim light would guide you once you are in the cave, and you might feel it’s slightly cooler from the outside temperature (make sure you have a good jacket with yourself). The color of the water surface is speechlessly beautiful and it would be actually hard to describe in words. In fact, the color would change throughout a day. This is due to the different angles of how outside light would come in as well as the change in the climate.

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It’s not only the water which changes the color. Once you are inside, you should look at the surface of the rocks. Sometimes it’s a blood red and sometimes it’s a fresh purple, but they normally vary from white, sky-blue, emerald, dark-blue, and to even grey. The color changes according to the reflection of the light from the water surface. Rarely but certainly, even the local guides would still encounter the colors that they never seen before in their long career. This is one of the reasons why people keep coming back to the cave, to see the colors they never get bored with.


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The very deep point of the cave has a bit which looks like a small hole. Normally it doesn’t do anything but when many different conditions are met, you would be able to see a sudden blow from the tiny hole and it is to the north of Jodogahama. This phenomenon is so rare that the local people say your wishes would come true if you are lucky enough to witness it at the time of your visit. So it’s a part of the game where you hold your wish in your mind before entering into the cave, and test your luck!

Jodogahama Marinehouse

Address: 32-4 Hitachihamachō, Miyako-shi, Iwate Prefecture

Access: 15 minutes drive from Miyako Station

Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
*Closed between December to February

Boat Fee: 1,500 yen

Phone: 0193-63-1327

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