Seven Recommended Shopping Spots In Elegant Jiyūgaoka | Japan Guide

From Shibuya it takes about 10 minutes on the Tokyū Tōyoko Line to reach Jiyūgaoka. The area has a chic, well-established atmosphere, where people can enjoy visiting cafés or shopping. There are many cafés and sweet shops nearby, so it’s also an ideal place to take a walk.

The following article will introduce a series of shopping spots in Jiyūgaoka.

1. MELSA Jiyūgaoka (Near the South Exit)

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MELSA Jiyūgaoka is a commercial facility, located right in front of Jiyūgaoka Station’s south exit, containing a bookstore along with casual clothing shops. Its closeness to the station makes it convenient for the shoppers.

No.2 Jiyūgaoka MAST (Near the South Exit)

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From the south exit of the station, it takes about 2 minutes on foot to reach Jiyūgaoka MAST. It has a GAP, the casual clothing shop, and Maker’s Shirt Kamakura, a shirt maker established in Kamakura, once an ancient capital of Japan. There are other stylish brands as well, along with Francfranc, a popular Japanese interior shop, and a cosmetics shop.

NO.3 Muji Jiyūgaoka (Near the South Exit)

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The Jiyūgaoka branch of Muji, a brand that has become popular even overseas, is also located a 2-3 minute walk from the south exit.

Women’s clothing, cosmetics and sundries are on the first floor. Men’s clothing, stationery and storage furniture are on the second floor, and the third floor contains kitchen goods and food. There is an annex specializing in interior design next door, with a wide variety of products. It may also be a good place to look for souvenirs.

No.4 Trainchi Jiyūgaoka (Near the South Exit)

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Trainchi Jiyūgaoka consists of 13 shops, including cafes and shops handling items such as sundries and clothing.

NATURAL KITCHEN handles sundries made from natural materials, priced from 100 yen to 300 yen. Fitfit is a shoe shop, handling stylish shoes that fits comfortably like a sneaker. Boulangerie Asanoya is a bakery based in Tōkyō and Karuizawa, with a history of more than 50 years.

No.5 Kurinoki Dōri (Near the South Exit)

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Reasonably-priced, casual shops are lined up along Kurinoki Dōri, located near the south exit. Each store is small in size, which makes it easier to browse, and filled with original fashion items that are fun to watch.

No.6 Luz Jiyūgaoka (Near the Main Exit)

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Luz Jiyūgaoka is a commercial facility which consists of restaurants, shops handling clothing, cosmetics and sundries. It is located a 3 minute walk from the main exit of Jiyūgaoka Station. Chic, trendsetting fashion brands, shops handling inner garments and interior goods are also located here.

No.7 Jiyūgaoka Department Store (Near the Main Exit)

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Jiyūgaoka Department Store, located right in front of the main exit, is a facility consisting of over 100 shops handling goods for everyday use and places to eat. There are also shops selling kimono, ceramic ware and tea goods, so it’s an ideal place to look for something Japanese.

No.8 TODAY’S SPECIAL Jiyūgaoka (Near the Main Exit)

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TODAY’S SPECIAL is a select shop handling stylish items. Its thermos bottles are very popular, and the shop is drawing attention among visitors from South Korea, along with people from other countries as well. This may also be a good place to look for souvenirs.

At Jiyūgaoka, visitors can enjoy shopping in a comfortable atmosphere. There are many eateries where customers can relax, so it might be fun to look for your own go-to place to enjoy lunch or dinner.

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