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To All Matcha Lovers! Nanaya Provides The Richest Matcha in The World | Japan Guide

If you like anything with Matcha flavor (or even if you don’t), you should definitely try the super delicious ultimate Matcha Gelato and ice cream of “Nanaya” in Tokyo.



Nanaya is originally a company specialized in distributing and selling different kinds of quality Matcha products in Japan and located in Shizuoka prefecture where the area is well-known between Japanese people to produce green tea leaves and their products. Nanaya has opened two Gelato shops where people can enjoy Matcha flavored ice creams. But, what makes it so different and special about Nanaya’s Matcha Gelato from other shops and brands? Let’s see why people fall in love with their Matcha Gelato.


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At Nanaya shops, you can choose the levels of richness of Matcha flavor from the level one to seven. You can taste the differences in the intensity and density of Matcha depending on the levels you choose from. The lowest density is the level number one which has light and delicate flavor of Matcha. Even if it is the lowest level of flavor, its taste is as good as (or even better than) those of quality Matcha flavor ice creams you can find elsewhere. If you try level four, you will feel much strong taste of Matcha with some particular bitterness (yet pleasant) that you can be addicted to. The highest level of density, number seven, has the ultimate flavor of the Matcha that you can never find anywhere. It is certainly very strong in flavor, yet with beautiful aroma and bitterness that you could get addicted to.


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According to Nanaya, it is not so simple to make Matcha Gelato with such a great taste, richness, and density. Nanaya made a great research and effort to try and taste many different kinds of Matcha Gelatos exist in the world and reached its conclusion that there exists nothing as rich as those of Nanaya’s (even the density level three of Nanaya’s) that they have achieved to produce. The key to produce a delicious Matcha Gelato is the quality of Matcha leaves that they select. Because their Gelato is so dense with Matcha, it is inevitable to carefully select the type and quality of Matcha to be used to its Gelato, so that it does not give unpleasant bitterness to its taste since any mixture of lower quality Matcha into the Gelato could lead its taste bitter and not pleasant to eat when they are so intense as Nanaya’s.


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Nanaya has its own special machine right next to its Gelato factory so that they can be able to use their freshly grounded high quality Matcha with full and rich in flavor directly to the fabrication of their delicious Matcha Gelato. With such efforts and special attentions to keep the flavor fresh, its Matcha Gelato’s taste becomes so delicious, ultimate, and different from anything that exist in the market.



There are two shops in Tokyo where you can enjoy Nanaya’s Matcha Gelato. One is in Aoyama where the area is known to have great and fashionable shops and restaurants.

Address: 2-7-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Hours: 11:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM (except for new year’s eve and day),
*closed on Tuesdays

Phone: 03-6427-9008

Website: Nanaya (Japanese)

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The other (with collaboration of “Suzuki-En” green tea specialty shop) is located in Asakusa known as the most touristic area in Tokyo with the Sensoji Temple and authentic shopping streets. Please note that Nanaya’s Gelato is so popular that you might need to make a line or it can be sold out quickly, especially at the Asakusa shop.

Nanaya Asakusa

Address: 3-4-3 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM (except for new year’s eve and day), closed on the third week of Wedenesday

Phone: 03-3871-0311