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When it comes to places for admiring the autumn leaves, Osaka boasts just as many wonderful spots as Kyoto. When visiting Kansai, how about enjoying the beautiful landscape in these five areas in Osaka?

The Best Places To See Autumn Leaves in Osaka!

There are many various activities that the Japanese enjoy doing in the fall, such as “autumn sports”, “autumn reading”, or “autumn dining”, but let’s not forget about enjoying fall itself. The landscapes created by autumn leaves are extremely beautiful. We have picked up five autumn leave viewing spots in Osaka.

No.5 Daisen Park

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Daisen Park is selected as one of “100 Japanese history parks” and is located between the kofun of Emperor Nintoku (*1) and the Emperor Richu Mozu Kofun. You can enjoy the extremely beautiful view of the vast land dotted with small old burial grounds.

This park has approximately 400 cherry trees blossoming in the spring. In the fall visitors can enjoy the view of the pond and the brightly colored fall leaves. One can enjoy the contrast between spring and fall. On sunny days you can see the reflection of the beautiful trees in the water.

No.4 Hoshida Garden

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Hoshida Garden is a national nature park located in a mountain gore, easy to access by train. It’s an immense nature filled park where you can enjoy hiking. There is also the “Forest like railway path” that you can walk while viewing the riverbank, as well as a 16.5 meter high artificial wall called the “climbing wall“. Hiking and climbing will give the chance to spend a pleasant time outdoors.

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No.3 Midosuji Avenue

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Midosuji is a road completed in 1937 that connects the central area of Osaka, called Kita, with its southern area – Minami. Around 800 Gingko trees are planted along the road that stretches for 4 km. The yellow foliage dyeing the road during the fall is one of the best views you can see in Osaka.

No.2 Osaka Castle Park

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Osaka Castle Park is located in Osaka’s central district. Known for the Osaka Castle Tower which stands at it’s center, the park is filled with nature. During the fall you can enjoy the landscape created by the autumn leaves of the Gingko trees against the background of Osaka castle. In a big city filled with high buildings, Osaka Castle with its rich history and the nature filled park become a oasis in the center of the city which everyone is fond of.

You can enjoy the splendid view of the 280 meter long Hoshino suspension bridge. The 360 degree view of the fall leaves from on top of the bridge is so beautiful that it will leave you breathless.

No.1 Minoo Park (Minō kōen)

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Picture courtesy of Minoo City Tourism Association
Minoo Park is a nature filled quasi-national park thirty minutes north of central Osaka by train. The park is located in a vast land spreading over 83.8 ha. If you walk along the riverside, as soon as you enter you can enjoy a 2.8 km hike to Minoo waterfall. The path to Minoo waterfall is called “waterfall road“. The paths are well-maintained and easy to walk on.

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On sunny days it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the bright red fall leaves, the waterfall, and the rainbow all at the same time.

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On Waterfall Road there are many stores selling Minoo’s specialty – Maple Leaf Tempura. This traditional sweet is made by frying fall leaves leaves. It is the ideal snack during your hike.