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Japanese Powerfoods for Smooth Skin | Japan Guide

It’s a general belief that Japanese people have good skin and look younger than their actual age. What are their secrets to prolonging youth? Well, good skin comes from a good diet and we’re going to teach you some of the best foods from Japan to eat for the smoothest skin ever!

No.1 Natto


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Natto, or fermented soybeans, provides a substantial amount of fiber that cleanses your body. Besides that, it’s also packed with vitamin B and other nutrients that speed up metabolism. After all the toxic elements are out of your body, you’ll definitely notice healthier skin and a brighter face!

No.2 Seaweed

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Japanese people have a long tradition of eating seaweed, especially wakame, which provides a huge amount of fiber and nutrients that reduce constipation, swelling and allergies. Therefore, during spring—a season that sees many cases of allergies—Japanese people are known to eat wakame to fight the symptoms of allergies and keep skin looking fresh.

No.3 Sesame Seeds

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Japanese people love sesame seeds and they appear in a lot of snacks as well as meals. Sesame seeds have a lot of vitamin E, which gives a smooth texture to skin, as well as antioxidants, which slow down the body’s aging effects. Both white and black sesame seeds have different properties: white sesame is considered to have skin whitening properties, while black sesame is believed to strengthen your hair. Furthermore, both types of seeds can help relax your mind and aid with digestion.

No.4 Okra

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Okra is a very common Japanese food found in many summer dishes. It eases a lot of the unpleasantness brought on by the summer heat. Besides that, it has a similar texture to natto, which also aids in digestion, plus vitamin C to make your skin look better and younger!