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When I went up the stone-steps and cross the stone bridge,

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And passed under the entrance,

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Then went up the stairs one by one,

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There was an illusionary scenery right in front of my eyes.

Beautiful like a painting:Ruri no Niwa (Ruri’s Garden)

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From this place, you can view two gardens at the same time. This is one of the two: Ruri no Niwa (Ruri’s Garden).

This is a two-story building; you can see this view from the 1st floor. The contrast of bright red and green is brilliant.

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This is the picture I showed in the beginning.
In fact, this is the view of the same Ruri no niwa you can see from the 2nd floor.

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“Can’t believe these pictures show exactly the same garden!”

You might be suspicious about what I’m saying. However, as this place’s tinted autumnal leaves show completely different views depending on angles and light, 1st floor’s scenery is totally different from that of 2nd floor.

From the 1st floor, you can enjoy the contrast of garden moss and autumnal leaves’ red and yellow colours. From the 2nd floor, tinted autumnal leaves are just like a gorgeous painting.

Please do enjoy those differences.

Release your heart : Garyu no niwa (Garyu’s garden)

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This is the other garden, Garyu no niwa

It is said that this garden expressed “the figure of dragon ascending into Heaven” with water, stones and moss; they release people’s hearts and lead their fortunes to better conditions.

Where am I?

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Here is Ruri Koin ; it is quietly situated in Yase(八瀬) in Kyoto.

The name “八瀬” can be written as “矢背” (meaning an arrow of the back) as well. This is originated from the episode that in 7th century, a prince called Oama no ouji healed his injuries from a war (Jinshin no ran) in “Yase no Kamaburo” (Yase’s steam bath).
Since then, the place has been loved by aristocrats and samurais as a “relaxing place”.

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This is the “Yase no Kamaburo” I mentioned. This is the oldest model of Japanese steam baths and is located inside the building I repeatedly mentioned above.

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Other than that, there is a traditional tea-ceremony room called “Kikakutei”.

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Ruri Koin is full of places to see. Although it takes approximately 20-30 mins from the popular Kawaramachi / Gion by Keihan Railway and Eizan Railway, this is a little-known good place of local people.

Over the river and tinted autumn leaves, Ruri Koin will wait for you quietly.

When you come to Kyoto in autumn, why don’t you come all the way to this place and lean on the special ambience?

Ruri Koin
55 Kamitakano Higashiyama, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto

From the exit of the station, cross the bridge on the right-hand side. Then turn right and walk straight. 


There is no car park here. Please use public transportations.

Admission fee:2000yen

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