Top 5 Places to Go Shopping in Osaka | Japan Guide


People who come to Japan for the purpose of shopping normally will go to Tokyo and Osaka as the top choice. It is no doubt that both places are energetic and very attractive for shopping. Besides many interesting options are offered for those who like to browse through many items, the variety of prices is also attractive.

So If you plan to go Japan and put Osaka on your top priority for shopping, where are the places that you should visit?

1. Namba


Namba is the famous district in Osaka city center that provides many shopping options. The Namba City at the Nankai Namba station is a shopping place that consists of 300 stores and many cheap restaurants. Namba is also famous as a place for entertainment. Here, you can see Shin-Kabuki-Za, a theater devoted for Kabuki.

2. Umeda


In Osaka, Umeda area is an urban area with spectacular skyscrapers buildings. In this side, Grand Front Osaka is a large complex with the floor area of 44,000 m2 and consisted of 266 stores including shops and cafes. Around this area you can also see Umeda Sky Building with floating garden observatory in the top floor.

3. Shinsaibashi


This is a shopping paradise located around Namba where many boutiques and shops are gathered. Shinsaibashi is an arcade street that became the best shopping place in Osaka. This shop area was established since Edo period around 380 years ago. You can find many kinds of items for all ages in this place.

4. Amerikamura


Close to Shinsaibashi is a place called Americamura. This area is the center of teen culture in Kansai area. Many stores here usually are for young people. They also sell second-hand clothes, used records, jeans and many other items.

5. Tenjinbashi Suji


This place is located in the Northern part of Osaka. This place is an arcade shopping street where many local shops with the variety of goods such as clothes, books, shoes, groceries, snacks and other items can be found. Many items here are more affordable. Besides shopping places, some restaurants and cafes are also available. There are also many izakaya nearby that provide authentic local dining.

Although these are the recommended places for shopping areas in Osaka, there are actually many more places in this city that are good for shopping. So, you will never regret coming to Osaka if you really love shopping. But even if you’re not in the mood to shop, just enjoying the city life here can also give you an amusing experience.