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Sushiya | Hidden hideaways in the alleys of Ginza, hideaways for those who know

It is a sushi shop of a famous store in Ginza.

I visited there a few years ago, but I went back to my wedding anniversary.

It is a very popular shop among acquaintances around me.

A well-known store of “Sakaikansaka” series

It is a shop of the famous “Kosaka Kanaka” group third generation Mamoru Hashimoto.

There are only 8 seats available, providing high quality coffee and service. It is a highly recommended shop.

What’s Edo-style sushi “Kanuka Sakae” in Ginza / Marunouchi

It is a well-known store of one of Japan’s leading sushi shops. The Kansaka Group headed by Shinji Kanesaka has six stores in the Tokyo area and three stores overseas, including the Shinbashi Main Store. A store is also set up in the only five-star Japanese-style hotel, Palace Hotel Tokyo, located in Marunouchi, earning one Michelin star.

Many guests from home and abroad are visiting. English menu and English correspondence are also possible. In addition to the coffee counter, a complete private room (four to eight) is also available. It is a rare coffee shop that combines elegance and service that can satisfy many guests in a variety of situations such as entertainment, social gatherings, friends, anniversaries and dating, coffee and rare sake, and everything.

Lunch menu

This time, I had a course with 15 sticks at lunch.

There were regular customers on the day, so I was able to eat rare items in the flow of the story.

One item

two items

Three items

four items

five items

six items

seven items

eight items

nine items

ten items

eleven items

twelve items

Thirteen items

fourteen items

fifteen items

sixteen items

seventeen items

Store information

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