Park Hyatt Kyoto opened in October and opened its first store in 25 years

“PARK HYATT KYOTO” has been decided to open in the Higashiyama area of Kyoto. The opening date is October 30th, 2019.

It will be the second guesthouse after Tokyo for the first time in 25 years since opening as a Park Hyatt brand. 2019, May 30th, the official website was launched and online reservations were started.

Park Hyatt Kyoto is located on the grounds of Sannyo Kyoyamato, a restaurant that celebrates its 142nd year of business, with its location facing Ninenzaka, following the world heritage Kiyomizu-dera Temple, with the 36th peak of Higashiyama, Kyoto.

From the site, you can see the city of Kyoto and Yasaka Tower at the same time, and design a low-rise building that matches the surrounding landscape. There are 70 guest rooms, including a 135 square meter pagoda suite.

Related facilities include signature restaurant and bar serving teppanyaki, cafe, tea lounge, banquet room, treatment room, fitness facility and spa facility.

Located at the intersection of Ninenzaka and Ishin-no-Michi, there are many sightseeing spots that represent Kyoto.

Nearby representative tourist sites

The following are typical sightseeing spots.

  • ねねの道(Nene no Michi)
  • 高台寺(Kodaiji Temple)
  • 二年坂(Ninen-zaka Slope)
  • 産寧坂(Sannen-zaka Slope)
  • 法観寺/八坂の塔(Hokanji Temple/Yasaka Tower)
  • 清水寺(Kiyomizu Temple)

We will introduce the scenery and buildings that can be seen at these sightseeing spots.

There may also be that scenery that you longed for.

ねねの道(Nene no Michi)

高台寺(Kodaiji Temple)

二年坂(Ninen-zaka Slope)

At the end of the hill, you can also find Kyoto-style Starbucks.

産寧坂(Sannen-zaka Slope)

It is on the way to Kiyomizu Temple from Ninen-zaka Slope.

The historic tofu restaurant along the road is also famous.

法観寺/八坂の塔(Hokanji Temple/Yasaka Tower)

You can see this famous economy on a downhill slightly off Sannenzaka. Don’t miss it!

清水寺(Kiyomizu Temple)

If you walk through Ninen-zaka Slope and then Sannen-zaka Slope for about 10 minutes, you will reach a long slope.If you climb this hill for about 15 minutes, you will see a red and vivid temple.