The 10 Best Local Cuisine Rankings in Hokkaido | Japan Guide

Introducing 10 best local cuisine rankings in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the place where can produce high quality seafood, meat and vegetables. The cuisine produced and caught in Hokkaido is world-class.


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Uni-Ikura-don is sea and salmon roe on a rice served in a bowl. Both sea urchin and salmon roe are expensive and popular. You can try both seafood in a bowl. Hokkaido’s seafood is extremely fresh because Hokkaido’s island is surrounded by sea and fishing industry is flourishing.


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Hokkaido accounts approximately two thirds of all potatoes produced in Japan. As well as potatoes, Hokkaido is famous for fresh milk that accounts for more than half of the total production in Japan. Of course, milk product is also the best. The match of hot baked potato and melting butter is a good combination.


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Do you know the color of raw squid? You may say it’s white. In fact, fresh squid has transparent. Characteristics of fresh squid is almost crunchy texture and little sweet taste that is different from the squid that people usually eat. You can’t eat unless the squid is served right after being caught. Squid in Hakodate is the best and you can enjoy squid fishing in the morning market in Hakodate and you can eat squid slices you fished.


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Not only vegetables and seafood, but also meat grown in rich and extensive fields is good. Pork is a local specialty of Tokachi area and Obihiro City. Buta-don is a grilled pork slices with salty-sweet sauce on a rice served in a bowl. You’ll be satisfied with the taste, volume and price of pork bowl.


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Various crabs are caught in Hokkaido and especially crabs grown in cold water of Okhotsk Sea is fully stuffed and has deep flavor. There are some ways to eat crabs the boiled crab is recommended to feel the freshness of the product.


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Soup Curry is the curry-flavored soup serving with fried vegetables, meat, seafood and/or other toppings originated in Sapporo. Soup Curry is popular among people who are beauty and health-conscious. Vegetables harvested in Hokkaido are delicious. Usually, you can select volume of rice and level of hot flavor as you like.


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Uni-don is sea urchin on a rice served in a bowl. Sea urchin is one of the expensive seafood and you may hesitate to eat if you order in other area because of its high price. However, you can eat sea urchin comparatively at a low rate in Hokkaido since Hokkaido is the top producer of sea urchin in Japan.


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Seafood grown in cold water in seas surrounding Hokkaido is fatty and tasty. Many seafood caught in Hokkaido including tuna, crab, salmon, salmon roe, sea urchin, shrimp, scallops and others is served in a bowl. It’s valuable as you can eat Hokkaido’s fresh and delicious seafood all at once.


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As you know, Sushi is one of the representative Japanese dishes. Various seafood is caught in many places in Hokkaido. Otaru and Hakodate are the best places to eat Sushi and have many Sushi restaurant. You can’t forget that Hokkaido-made rice is also delicious and matches with fresh seafood well.


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The local dish called Genghis Khan is a kind of BBQ usually using lamb or mutton and vegetables cooked on a dome-shaped iron plate. You eat the meat and vegetable after dipping them in a soy sauce based sauce. The dish goes well with beer which is also tasty in Hokkaido.