What Can You Buy at 100 yen Shops? | Japan Guide

100 yen shops are very popular among Japanese of all generations and are almost everywhere in Japan. Attractive points about 100 yen shops are that they offer an amazing range of products like foods, cosmetics accessories, household commodities and stationery and the price is very reasonable, only 100 yen per item. Furthermore the products are very practical and look more than 100 yen in fact. DAISO, Can Do and Seria are very popular 100 yen shops in Japan. You will definitely enjoy looking here and there for special products. 100 yen shops are also very popular among foreign tourists as they buy a variety of products at low price. The items with Japanese designs are popular as souvenirs.



A variety of household commodities such as tableware and kitchenware are sold. Some are designed very cutely, some are very practical and some are very seasonable. The interesting products like Apple cutter or handy sealer to keep foods for fresh are also sold and very useful. Containers for cooking pasta or vegetable steamers using a microwave are very popular among housewives. Party goods like paper plates and cups are so cute and unique. Everything is very fun to choose and you will feel time passes very fast in 100 yen shops.



They sell many kinds of cosmetic accessories. In 100 yen shops, you can buy cosmetics like Mascara, foundation, eye shadow and lipstick sold in typical cosmetics shops. So if you forget to bring your cosmetics, you don’t need to worry. You can get them at very low price very easily. Colorful nail polish and nail stickers that have unique designs are very popular among young women. Sponge hair curlers or facial rollers are also very useful for women interested in beauty. They are easy to use and popular as souvenirs too.



Some foods sold in 100 yen shops are more expensive in other shops. Especially drinks are more than 100 yen in Japanese convenience stores. So it is very economical way to buy them in 100 yen shops. You can try Japanese original snacks that are familiar to young people and also you can buy Miso Soup or Japanese seasonings such as soy sauce. Instant noodles are actually popular among foreign tourist as souvenirs and curry in a pouch are easy to prepare and popular among busy people. Most of them are small size and convenient to carry.



These days 100 yen shops are very popular among not only Japanese but also foreign tourists because they have good quality in spite of low price and Japanese uniqueness too. There are many Japanese design goods with Japanese symbol Mt.Fuji, Sushi and cherry blossoms etc. Furthermore they are very practical and useful. Unique washcloth can be used as interior, hanging on the wall. Magnets with Sushi designs are just fun to see. Many tourists like to buy them as souvenirs and keep them as their precious memories of their visit to Japan.

There are many more products sold than you imagine. It is hard to explain all here. Please find surprises and fun with your own eyes !