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Side Dishe with Ramen | Japan Guide

Side dishes

Though ramen can be considered a one dish meal, many ramen-ya also serve a selection of side dishes in addition to their noodles. The offerings vary from shop to shop but virtually all ramen-ya serve gyoza (potstickers). These Chinese style, pan fried dumplings come five or six to an order and are eaten after being dipped in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and rayu (hot chili oil), all of which are usually available on the table and combined according to your taste. And of course, nothing complements a steaming hot bowl of ramen like an ice cold beer.
Some shops also offer set deals that include ramen, gyoza and sometimes other dishes such as fried rice or drinks. These sets are sometimes sold at a slightly discounted price compared to ordering everything separately.


Hakata style ramen with a side order of gyoza