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Book lovers in search of trendy, yet affordable solitude may find the Book and Bed Tokyo hostel in Ikebukuro an attractive alternative to the city’s more conventional hotels. The recently opened hostel boasts a collection of 1,700 novels in Japanese and English while providing guests with the unique experience of reading in a bed built into a massive bookshelf. Throw in complimentary wifi and it’s no wonder why the spot has quickly become a novel retreat for bibliophiles.


Reference:Book and Bed Tokyo

The space is simultaneously homey and minimalistic. Travelers seeking a break from the constant noise and neon can still enjoy a view from a window-side couch, but the street view is more of a comfort than distraction. The beds and amenities are modest, but the true luxury comes from the hostel’s mission to provide guests with the perfect place to quietly drift off to sleep with a good book.

Reference:Book and Bed Tokyo


Reference:Book and Bed Tokyo

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a place to unwind during the day or a more literary substitute to a regular hotel, Book and Bed offers both day and overnight rental options. There are only eight available slots for daytime visitors so the hostel recommends checking its Twitter?for availability. The hostel has 30 beds for overnight guests and offer the option of cozying up in a bed built into the shelf or reclining in a bunkbed.

Reference:Book and Bed Tokyo

Reference:Book and Bed Tokyo

The hostel is a short walk from Ikebukuro Station’s West Gate on the left side of the street, just past the towering Bic Camera. (If you end up at the Marui ? OIOI ? at the end of the street, you’ve gone too far.) Book and Bed is on the seventh floor of the largely unassuming Lumiere building, so visitors should keep an eye out for the hostel’s yellow and blue sign on the building directory immediately to the left of the Kirin-City bar. If you have luggage, don’t let the stairs intimidate you; there are elevators at the end of the hallway.

Daytime Hours and Fees (excluding tax)
Hours: 13:00-17:00
Fee: 1,500 yen
*No cash accepted. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or SAISON) and IC card (SUICA, PASMO, etc.) only
Free Wifi: ◯

Weekday Rates (excluding tax)
Standard Bunk or Bookshelf Bed (129cm×205cm): 4,500 yen (without tax) / per night
Compact Bunk or Bookshelf Bed (80cm×205cm): 3,500 yen (without tax) / per night

Fridays, Weekends, and the Day Before Public Holidays Rates (excluding tax)
Standard Bunk or Bookshelf Bed (129cm×205cm): 5,500 yen
Compact Bunk or Bookshelf Bed (80cm×205cm): 4,500 yen

Check-in: 16:00
Check-out: 11:00
*No cash accepted. Credit card only (Visa, MasterCard, SAISON)
Official Website: Book and Bed Tokyo
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